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Can’t choose between The Alps, Kilimanjaro or Himalayas for your next vacation? No time for holidays? – Now you can have it all and be on all the peaks on the same time!!

As a result of converging Aster Global Digital Elevation map and NASA satellite in SSX Snowboarding game, that is coming out now –  on 2nd of March in Europe, you can now snowboard on all greatest peak’s of The World any time of day from almost any location.

A virtual helicopter with deliver you to any peak, were you can have great time with your friends from all around the world or just chill out and recharge alone.

Curious how it works in more technical and practical means?





In the morning you are in such  a hurry. Just right before going out of the house your car keys and cell phone seems to just have gotten up in smoke. The same as always when the dear Uncle Murphy comes across with his Law.  (…)  Ever been there?

What if you could have a control panel on a cloud that could locate all your important belongings as the phone, keys, passport, credit card, luggage, including your dear ones?

Nowadays, the police can locate your iPhone, tablet or laptop if you have installed an anti-theft programme but what if this idea would become adapted for your home, office or on the go( GPS ) use?

If talking in terms of safety, it could be  a bone-chilling experience if somebody could unlock your personal document and belonging locator and use it for purposes just as diverse as imagination. On the other side, if all of the items would be marked by an in-built chip, a higher security service would/should have access to locate almost everything in a much broader map.

How do you see the pros and cons,  and development  of the item locators?

Shazam is an application for Android and Apple smartphones  which recognizes sound as information, instead of written language as a sense in other search engines.

Do you want to know how Shazam works?

Shazam is a knowledge creation tool that you can use right on the spot to recognize and find the soundwork that is rising curiosity for your ears, from databases in the World Wild Web. It has the power of  providing you all the information related to the song you are looking for. In this case algorithm mechanism’s ideology is to recognize commercial soundtracks that could be later link the user to Amazon or other commercial music database were the user of this app could express its Western “consumer humanism”.  Normally, nowadays one would go moaning “Oh, but it does not recognize this authentic underground artist or when I sing myself!”.  And you could not use it in your country residence or when travelling in Amazon or Africa as the application is Internet driven and would not recognize the local ritual music or the the analog sound of rainforest music. So, yes, it has got some physical limitations, you can only use it if you have Internet connection and it only recognizes digitally mediated sound.

What if the application had the option to record the sound offline in order to solve at least part of the physical limitation? Or what if the App would suggest similar songs when it doesn’t recognize the song you really want?

But in future, what if this “coding recognition mechanisms” could be used for other purposes, for example, sneaky detective work or collective surveillance??


Shazam  official website

How Shazam works

Post by:  Clàudia Aragon, Carlos Bernal,  Zane Kanepeja,  Maëlle Maillot.

Guess what? A totally new way of shopping is coming to town..!

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and Philips have created a new technology device complex that enables its users to interact with a shop window.  Regardless of the hour of the day or  the product desired,  now every consumer have the opportunity to buy a product via this platform in real life retailers just with a magic finger touch!  Moreover, this is new way of increasing your shop sales with a reduced cost.

And what do you think about this??

By Zane Kanepeja, Tiphaine Lawson, Carlos Bernal.