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Is this the future of information management & systematic treatment of data?

Starlight Information Visualization System uses various algorithms to allow its user to sort, organize and compare complex data in a way that has hardly been seen before (maybe except for Sci-Fi movies). Whether the task at hand is work-related, research or just generally managing your everyday steady stream of information – Starlight Information Visualization System lets you handle, connect and ultimately perceive variables from any complex set of data, in a new and exciting way. The potential benefits can potentially be harnessed across many fields, for instance in journalism (cross-referencing has never been this easy or effective!) and it will almost certainly have a considerable impact on the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) – who are used to dealing with huge and extremely complex sets of data.





In the morning you are in such  a hurry. Just right before going out of the house your car keys and cell phone seems to just have gotten up in smoke. The same as always when the dear Uncle Murphy comes across with his Law.  (…)  Ever been there?

What if you could have a control panel on a cloud that could locate all your important belongings as the phone, keys, passport, credit card, luggage, including your dear ones?

Nowadays, the police can locate your iPhone, tablet or laptop if you have installed an anti-theft programme but what if this idea would become adapted for your home, office or on the go( GPS ) use?

If talking in terms of safety, it could be  a bone-chilling experience if somebody could unlock your personal document and belonging locator and use it for purposes just as diverse as imagination. On the other side, if all of the items would be marked by an in-built chip, a higher security service would/should have access to locate almost everything in a much broader map.

How do you see the pros and cons,  and development  of the item locators?



If you lived in a building that take care of you?

It’s what the new “Smart buildings” offer to you.

They take care, thanks to an intelligent network management system, to:


-safety and security

-energy saving


All of this inside your building for save your time and more efficiency. This system controls the organization of the building and his space in order to facilitate the live of occupants.

Key words: flexibility, optimization, sustainable, communication and security.

Ideas that can be developed in the future to the organization of cities.


Learn more:–5222#

The internet of things and a smart grid, a highly efficient power grid that uses advanced programs and wirelessly connected devices to distribute power without wasting it, can play a huge role in saving environment and making the world more sustainable.

Internet of things can make the world greener by:

– cutting energy losses for example in lightning, heating, air conditioning and transport via smart software

-saving water by using smart internet operated watering systems

-making people more conscious of the amount of trash they are producing by making all the wasted objects traceable

Telecom company Ericsson’s chief executive Hans Vestberg argues that “By 2020, there will be around 50 billion devices connected to a wireless network — and a huge chunk of those devices will be able to drastically reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact by virtue of being connected to the Internet.”

Devices connected to internet can be more efficiently operated and therefore the network can be used to save energy and the world.


In all western countries there’s a big decline in amount of people voting in elections and referendum. There’s not enough discussion between politicians and citizens. Is there anything to be done for this situation?

The online participatory democracy or e-democracy could be a way how to involve people to make decisions concerning their society. The evolution of new media and technology makes it possible to break the chains of time and space and therefore it’s not maybe compulsory to have people representing you in desicionmaking when you can get involved yourself through the internet. There’s new ways and internet platforms to motivate people to participate in the public debates and decisionmaking.

For example in Latvia there is an internet platform called My Voice where people can petiton for policy changes. It has already made an impact on Latvian policy – some citizen requests has been discussed in Latvian Saeima (parlament). More information about this case you can find here

There is also tendencies in other countries to ensure citizens participate in e-democracy:


e-Democracy and Participatory Decision Processes: Lessons from e-Negotiation Experiments

3D Printing is a new way to transport and manufacture products. It’s breaking down the consumptions about the time and space. One can for example send a model of a product to another country in a digital form instead of sending the product itself. Just press the enter to save time and resources. Nowdays (not only in business) it’s ALL about searching the alternatives to benefit.

On the other hand, even though 3D Printing has it’s benefits, it can reduce the need of labour and that way increase the unemployment.

The professionals believe the year 2012 will become the breakthrough of 3D Printing.

3D Printing can be used in different fields. For instance in medicine to create new artificial limbs.


Structural evaluation of scaffolds prototypes produced by three-dimensional printing

Since few years ago a new way of receiving information has been increasing in the social and technological panorama : it is called Quick Response code information. Let’s explain how it works :

We can find a lot of useful utilities especially for helping people knowing information about the place they are in.

In New York the people are really involved in this new media. There have created an interactive campaign to show which are the advantages.

This qr code will be more known and use in the future, probably when everybody will have a smartphone, which is not the case right now. The new technology is there, so we just have to discover more ways to use it in order to continue making the communication easier and faster.

To get more information about qr code we suggest you QR Code of Kevin Roebuck.