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According to a survey, in 2020 between 22 and 50 billions of devices will be connected at Internet in 2020. If we take a look at these prognostics we can notice that there will be more of technologies connected than human in the world ( 7 billions of humans at the end of October 2011 ) !

The European Union with the Information Society and the Media Directorate General, draw up a portrait of the daily european life in 2020 :

This video show us a world where everything is linked at Internet: your car, your health, your shopping… Every property will be touch by the amazing development of tehchnologies with a principal aim : make your life better and easier !

If all of our daily life is being connected to Internet, we should hope that a big bug will not arrive, because in this world without technologies you will have to do things by yourselves…so hard, isn’t it ?!

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Nowadays in our society of information we have a lot of informations per days… and sometimes you are so much buried through the daily news, your job, your differents appointments and so one ..that you forget the most important … like the birthday at one of your friend ! So why not have your own newspaper customized ?

GertCloud proposed it since January 2012 with is innovation called Little Printer a very cute multi-functional machine .

So what is Little printer ?

Little Printer is a thermal printer who works without ink. It is connected to the Internet by the wifi. An application on iPhone and Android lets you choose different news sources, like the headline of major newspapers, the flow of your friends on social networks (as Foursquare for example). You can also print your Sudoku or piece of your horscopeof the day, and your calendar for remind you the birthday of your friends !

With this innovation you can choose the frequency of publication : each days, several times in a day …All in a format sales receipt !

This new concept is very liked because of his lovely design and also because it links digital world and real world.

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As a responsible driver, hopefully you stay away from your phone while driving unless it is hands free. You postpone checking your text messages and definitely no updating your facebook profile. Here’s a question for you, ever wanted to be able to stream online music among other internet tasks, all from the comforts of your very own vehicle. While this technology may seem like something of the future its day has already come. Several car companies including Mercedes and most prominently, Ford are working diligently at making our dreams of multi-tasking while still safely driving come true. You are no longer limited by not being in close proximity to a computer or not being allowed to use your smartphone because of focusing on the task of driving. So-called connected cars work by giving you this information through your car’s dashboard. For example Ford’s sync launched in 2007 is voice-activated and can be used to connect to your mp3 players as well as smartphones.



Ever wondered what the food was like at that Indian place you always pass, but never dared to enter? Ever been curious about city exploration but have been too lazy to actually get out there? Well, the opportunity has presented itself in the form of augmented reality for various digital devices.

As exciting as these new possibilities seem, there is the danger of voyeurism, as augmented reality allows applications to share unprecedented insight into areas, products, people and business. The gap between digital and “real” life is becoming more diluted as augmented reality increasingly impacts our concepts of space, time and experience through various applications for digital devices.