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Internet of things is getting more and more into our everyday lives.  Somehow it seems scary, but on the other hand – it makes your life easier.

That’s not a secret –  people can be very forgetful: to close the doors, to switch off the lights, to regulate heating system by leaving the house. So technology has been made to resolve and control these “problems” with your smart phones, tabletes or computers. Just like a remote control.

NEXIA home intelligence system uses the latest wireless technology  known  as Z-Wave that has become a standard in home automation.

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If you lived in a building that take care of you?

It’s what the new “Smart buildings” offer to you.

They take care, thanks to an intelligent network management system, to:


-safety and security

-energy saving


All of this inside your building for save your time and more efficiency. This system controls the organization of the building and his space in order to facilitate the live of occupants.

Key words: flexibility, optimization, sustainable, communication and security.

Ideas that can be developed in the future to the organization of cities.


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