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According to a survey, in 2020 between 22 and 50 billions of devices will be connected at Internet in 2020. If we take a look at these prognostics we can notice that there will be more of technologies connected than human in the world ( 7 billions of humans at the end of October 2011 ) !

The European Union with the Information Society and the Media Directorate General, draw up a portrait of the daily european life in 2020 :

This video show us a world where everything is linked at Internet: your car, your health, your shopping… Every property will be touch by the amazing development of tehchnologies with a principal aim : make your life better and easier !

If all of our daily life is being connected to Internet, we should hope that a big bug will not arrive, because in this world without technologies you will have to do things by yourselves…so hard, isn’t it ?!

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Apple became partners with Nike to create a concept: Nike Plus.This concept enables to its users to know through its Ipod or Iphone, distance, time, pace and calories burned. The use system is in three steps:

 Insert sensor in the intern sole;Step 1: Insert the sensor in the insole.

Step 2: Connect the receiver to the Ipod Nando( Ipod Touch doesn’t require this use)

Step 3:  The sensor and the receiver measure the performance.

These data appear on the Ipod/Iphone and then can be shared  with other runners via the website Nike plus, via a connection to a computer. Nike plus website  acts like a social platform permitting to the runners from around the world to communicate, improve and compare the performances.

Recently, Nike spread new devices along those lines, creating a collection of “smart shoes”. A new line of shoes able to track the athlete determining the distance or the number of steps traveled in one day, and the high jumped, thanks to the information transfer between an Iphone/Ipod and a sensor.







Nowadays, this is more than just a pair of trainers that you wear but a wealth of information.

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