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Internet of things is getting more and more into our everyday lives.  Somehow it seems scary, but on the other hand – it makes your life easier.

That’s not a secret –  people can be very forgetful: to close the doors, to switch off the lights, to regulate heating system by leaving the house. So technology has been made to resolve and control these “problems” with your smart phones, tabletes or computers. Just like a remote control.

NEXIA home intelligence system uses the latest wireless technology  known  as Z-Wave that has become a standard in home automation.

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Nowadays technology is present in every aspect of our daily life. Computers, mobile phones, Internet, smartphones and other electronic devices save our time and make us more productive. However, in this digital world, burocracy is still stuck in the old-fashion days requiring us to show up physically in order to carry out any procedures. The step further was taken and the electronic ID card has been introduced. It already exists  in some territories such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Morocco and Spain. The usage of this card is not extended yet, but we can actually see some of its benefits such as:

• In the relation between citizens:

  • The electronic signature of the electronic ID garantees the identiry of the person and the integrity of the content.
  • It provides you the maxim confidenciality grade and security in Internet.

• In relation to the Public Administration:

  • You don’t have to be physically present in the Government offices to guarantee your identity at the time of making procedures.
  • You can vote online.

• In relation to the companies

  • You can reach a more confidential relation with a company you are dealing with.
Despite this fact we don’t have to forget the digital division between generations and the problems that this population could have if this system becomes compulsory. In addition, the necessity of a machine that conects the electronic ID with the computer is an inconvinience that the Government could solve facilitating free adapters.

Iga Drobnik, Aneley Lampugnani, Ares Subirà
References: European Commission;  Research and Innovation: Electronic ID becoming a reality in the EU; 2011.

3D Printing is a new way to transport and manufacture products. It’s breaking down the consumptions about the time and space. One can for example send a model of a product to another country in a digital form instead of sending the product itself. Just press the enter to save time and resources. Nowdays (not only in business) it’s ALL about searching the alternatives to benefit.

On the other hand, even though 3D Printing has it’s benefits, it can reduce the need of labour and that way increase the unemployment.

The professionals believe the year 2012 will become the breakthrough of 3D Printing.

3D Printing can be used in different fields. For instance in medicine to create new artificial limbs.


Structural evaluation of scaffolds prototypes produced by three-dimensional printing