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Can’t choose between The Alps, Kilimanjaro or Himalayas for your next vacation? No time for holidays? – Now you can have it all and be on all the peaks on the same time!!

As a result of converging Aster Global Digital Elevation map and NASA satellite in SSX Snowboarding game, that is coming out now –  on 2nd of March in Europe, you can now snowboard on all greatest peak’s of The World any time of day from almost any location.

A virtual helicopter with deliver you to any peak, were you can have great time with your friends from all around the world or just chill out and recharge alone.

Curious how it works in more technical and practical means?





Benetton,  a global luxury fashion brand, used in a campaign two years ago, a concept of an augmented reality in the fashion magazine called “Colors”. The magazine is very “easy to use”: dozens of pages are marked with an AR symbols: you just need to hold the page up to a webcam, and you can see a film and more photos of the person on the page. Cameron, a digital artist in Benetton, is a huge follower of the usage of AR in print advertising “Think of a commercial page, an advert, in a fashion magazine. It’s pretty expensive. With this – and this is the way that the more hard-nosed people in Benetton saw the advantage – it means that you can get more products on the page.”



In the latest campaign Benetton revisits the augmented reality. It is called “It’s My Time” and the idea is to carry out a global, on-line casting competition to find “new faces of the 21st century.”  “Models don’t just look good in a static way,” said Cameron about the invetion. “It’s about models who can move, who can sing, who can tell a story, who can dance, it brings the model to life.”


“The concept is simple: Log on to, and print a page of the campaign which has a black-and-white graphic code. Focus your webcam on the code, and you’ll enter into an animated video with moving images of models.”


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