The Internet of Things building Smart Cities.

Posted: February 27, 2012 in citizenship, ethics, newmedia
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Although the Internet of things is a term that still sounds futuristic or weird for some of us, is a concept that is already tangible in some applications.  In this sense, there can be found some projects and new technologies that are  using this idea  to construct better cities, where life is simpler and systematized.  We can understand this umbrella of ideas under the concept of “Smart Cities”.

“The concept of smart cities has emerged during the last few years to describe how investments in human and social capital and modern ICT infrastructure and e-services fuel sustainable growth and quality of life, enabled by a wise management of natural resources and through participative government (Caragliu, Del Bo, Nijkamp)” ( 27-02- 2012: )

So, after reading about Smart Cities I decided to look for some examples of The Internet of Things building Smart Cities, and the followings are good iniciatives that are already working:

IBM’s Intelligent Technology is an application that tries to manage and predict the traffic flux in the city of Zhenjiang, China, in order to improve the circulation all over the city.

The Trash|Track project tries to make awarness about the (in)sustainbility of the trash in the world nowadays while monitoring the location of the trash. It consists about different small, smart, location tags installed in trash items  so that objects can be followed through the system’s waste management system. In this sense, the people can see all the journey that the trash is doing in real time visualization.

Learn more about Trash|Track project



5 ways the Smart City will change how we live in 2012

Smart cities aim to predict – and manage- traffic future

City of Zhenjiang, China and IBM Collaborate to Build a Smarter City

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