No more charging, no more wires!

Posted: February 27, 2012 in technology, time
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For sure, everyone of us have been in situations when you are in the middle of writing an important document on your PC and suddenly the desktop turns black because computer run out of electricity. I can still imagine that anger of the moment. You too?

Anyway, desires has been heard. In 2007 a team of physicists validated their theories about novel method of wireless electric power transfer experimentally. It sounds so easy – transferring electric energy or power over distance without wires. As we all are so accustomed to electricity, in future you shouldn’t  get worried about siting in your room doing nothing because of some energy loss. The key word here – WiTricity!

In relation with internet of things I see a significant connection here that could and will change our perceptions about everyday life.

Below into info graphic it’s explained better how it works:

For those who are more interested in this “turn of future” (which is developing already), I offer a scientific article  here. And of course –


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