Posted: February 27, 2012 in citizenship, newmedia, technology
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This is the time to grow up in the method to follow the change of the question and offer with the help of technologies supported by the costumer.

The actors of the Matching Markets project

MatchingMarkets is a mobile network of vendors using real-time communication to optimize distribution, increase awareness of local products, respond to seasonal activity patterns, and strengthen connections between local supply and demand.

The functional diagram

This system keeps in touch vendors with costumers in real time, through a platform sending information about people’s  need. The vendors are tracked by a GPS device and the users can browse the “internet of food” through an online interface.

Matching Markets is being tested in Italy in the region of South Tyrol, where over 25,000 farmsteads are currently operating and nearly 5 million tourists visit each year.

By tapping into vast open data sets that reflect user behavior and combining these with data collected from the market’s operation, new opportunities emerge to optimize local exchange in South Tyrol and match supply with demand throughout the changing seasons.

The winter - geotagged people displacement

The spring - geotagged people displacement




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