is it really trash?

Posted: February 27, 2012 in citizenship, newmedia, technology
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London Olympics bins rubbish

What do people expect from a street garbage bin?


London is preparing for the Olympics 2012 and it is diffusing modern garbage bins, which have capabilities beyond normal ones with LCD and hot spot wi-fi.

They are produced by Renew Solution and they have LCD screens on each side which show breaking news and financial data, stock quotes, weather forecasts and are large enough to include also a traditional trash. The news in real time is very useful while starting the Olympics.

These smart bins will also help tourists to know metropolitan and train timetable and for everyday users it will be very easy, as they throw away their old newspaper, at the same time they could read the latest headlines.

At the moment there are already 25 of these bins on the streets of London, but another 50 will be installed before the Olympic flame arrives in town.

The bins are also being installed in the US on a trial basis; Singapore and Tokyo are very interested about that smart bins,too.





Ginevra Freni


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