Driving while online, what a combination

Posted: February 27, 2012 in space, technology, time
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As a responsible driver, hopefully you stay away from your phone while driving unless it is hands free. You postpone checking your text messages and definitely no updating your facebook profile. Here’s a question for you, ever wanted to be able to stream online music among other internet tasks, all from the comforts of your very own vehicle. While this technology may seem like something of the future its day has already come. Several car companies including Mercedes and most prominently, Ford are working diligently at making our dreams of multi-tasking while still safely driving come true. You are no longer limited by not being in close proximity to a computer or not being allowed to use your smartphone because of focusing on the task of driving. So-called connected cars work by giving you this information through your car’s dashboard. For example Ford’s sync launched in 2007 is voice-activated and can be used to connect to your mp3 players as well as smartphones.





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