Google find an algorithm for providing the privacy

Posted: February 21, 2012 in citizenship, ethics, newmedia, politics, Uncategorized
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It has been discussed a lot since the creation of Google Street View about the privacy problems of that program.  Thanks to an algorithm the problem is solved. What that algorithm does is to recognize the faces and the registration plates of the cars and then the program erase them automatically.

Here  is a demonstration about how Street View works after aplying this new algorithm.

This program has been created because of the hundred thousands complains from differents users accusing Google of not respecting their privacy. Germany has required Google to respect the privacity of people, creating a law to regulate the data of the german users.

Discorse about privacy legislation on Google Street View takes place also in other countries like USA or UK . If you are more interested in, you can have a look to this good case study :


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