Google AdSense: from collective commercials to personalized commercials

Posted: February 21, 2012 in ethics, memory, newmedia, technology, Uncategorized
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Google AdSense is a conception of publicity that appeals to the personal interest of each surfer. It is proposing a new advertising system based on algorithmic codes in order to choose the most interesting commercials for each one.

This can be a good way for the surfer to find what he finds interesting based on its individual researches on Google or in a website associated to this service.

In general, this service is seen as a good tool for the publishers and also for the users, because it helps putting in contact each publisher to the proper users. However, Adsense uses tracking cookies to find the surfers personal interest, and that can be seen as a violation of privacy. The tracking cookies make it possible to find out which websites the user has visited, and that way the advertisement can specialize to the user personally, which can make him feel like being watched. But for that reason there is a tool that allow the users to desactive this service.



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