Twitter: help for the humanitarian crisis

Posted: February 10, 2012 in citizenship, ethics, newmedia, technology, Uncategorized
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Social media has quickly become the first place where millions react to large-scale catastrophes. Information sharing networks, such as twitter, can be very useful in times of crisis by quickly and effectively disseminating relevant news, especially news that are relevant for the humanitarian aid.

Once a user post a message, that message becomes public and can be viewed by anyone.Twitter is the perfect tool to use in a crisis because nowadays  is not only for computer users but also for mobile which can access to internet. That is why Twitter is the more immediate way of sharing information across the world. Let’s see how the information is spread thanks to Twitter:

Modern information and communication technologies have changed the way people communicate during humanitarian crises.

At the beginning  Twitter was made for communicate with friend and talk about your own life, but quickly it has become a way of communicate humanities problems that need to be known in order to help. For example in the case of Haiti earthquake, which happened two years ago, Twitter revealed is real power by making people aware of the situation in order to organize the help and persuading to donate money.

This talks more deeper about how Twitter has became an essential tool to communicated in crisis situation.

It takes only two seconds to retwitter, and this seconds can help a lot.



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