Save money in good company

Posted: February 10, 2012 in citizenship, ethics, newmedia
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There  are  numerous organisations which are trying to stop pollution everyday in the world. You  as an individual you  perhaps think that you cannot do anything. And maybe you think that if you try to do anything about it, it will cost you more money. Like funding one of these organisations. But you can actually do something – AND save money. There excist a danish website where people can save fuel by getting a lift with other people, who have to go the same way.

Using carpooling, you can make your part in the the fighting against pollution. In addition, you can use less money by saving  fuel. Moreover you can meet other people and make a social experience. Think about these differents aspect. The website, is a website which enable to its users to act actively for the environment by using  carpooling.

We have a suggestion to expand this idea. What do you think if a lot of danish companies used the Gomore-concept for their employees. That way we would spare even more CO2, if a number  of their employees travelled together to work or even took other people for their home town.

For example if you live in Roskilde and work in Copenhagen, and a person living in the same block has to go the same way, then you could just go together!

If you want to know more about carpooling, you can look at this article:


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