In all western countries there’s a big decline in amount of people voting in elections and referendum. There’s not enough discussion between politicians and citizens. Is there anything to be done for this situation?

The online participatory democracy or e-democracy could be a way how to involve people to make decisions concerning their society. The evolution of new media and technology makes it possible to break the chains of time and space and therefore it’s not maybe compulsory to have people representing you in desicionmaking when you can get involved yourself through the internet. There’s new ways and internet platforms to motivate people to participate in the public debates and decisionmaking.

For example in Latvia there is an internet platform called My Voice where people can petiton for policy changes. It has already made an impact on Latvian policy – some citizen requests has been discussed in Latvian Saeima (parlament). More information about this case you can find here

There is also tendencies in other countries to ensure citizens participate in e-democracy:


e-Democracy and Participatory Decision Processes: Lessons from e-Negotiation Experiments

  1. Alex says:

    on the 12th and 13th of June 2011 in Italy there were 4 important referendums, 1 for the activation of the nuclear power, 2 for the privatization of the water and 1 for the Legal impediment of the prime minister.. Internet was really fundamental for the result of the referendum.. A lot of blogs were born for the discussions about the 3 arguments, in Facebook a lot of post were published and a lot of groups were created to discuss and involve the participation of the people in relation to these arguments.. The use of the web was fundamental for the success of the referendum. In Italy to make a referendum successful it’s necessary to reach at least the 50%+1 of the people that can vote and few days before the referendums the statistic predicted that the referendums wouldn’t have been successful..

  2. Alex says:

    I’ve found these link to let you understand better

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