The New Way: Window Shopping

Posted: February 9, 2012 in citizenship, space, time
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Guess what? A totally new way of shopping is coming to town..!

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and Philips have created a new technology device complex that enables its users to interact with a shop window.  Regardless of the hour of the day or  the product desired,  now every consumer have the opportunity to buy a product via this platform in real life retailers just with a magic finger touch!  Moreover, this is new way of increasing your shop sales with a reduced cost.

And what do you think about this??

By Zane Kanepeja, Tiphaine Lawson, Carlos Bernal.

  1. Iga says:

    It’s amazing that just by “waving your hands” you can purchase products! In the near future. we could buy a new mind there and choose if we prefer a clever one or maybe a foolish…

  2. Si says:

    Interesting indeed. I wonder what impact this could have on interpersonal communication, provided that it catches on in some (maybe not so far) future. As part of a lean business philosophy it could greatly reduce personnel-costs. Who knows, maybe the new age “mom and pop stores” will look something like that shop window.

  3. TheDude says:

    I’m still interested in how this is going to work in a real shop window. You can do the shopping while the store is closed, but how do you get the item you want to buy? You either have to go back to the shop to when it’s open to get it, or you’ll have to write your address at window, so the shop can send it to you by mail. How do they want to do that? Wouldn’t be faster just to go home and order it on a website then?

  4. Saverio says:

    A very smart idea.You can save time but I think that with these new technology we are slowly loosing the social contact with the other person..

  5. Ginevra says:

    Wow! The latest and revolutionary method of purchase, I can’t believe it, that a sofisticated tool, like this, can esist .The power of decision is in your finger!

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