“12345” has been released as the Sirian president password that gives acces to all his own private information. Owing to revealing this information, Anonymous hacktivists group intented to make people aware of the net’s fragility. In relation to that, they alert both world’s governments and ordinary citizens that privacy on the net is not guaranteed. In a time in which our identities are being constructed through Internet, be careful on what you share, you are being watched.




FRACKMAN, A; MARTIN, Rebecca; RAY, Claudia. Internet and online privacy. A legal and business guide; American Lawyer Meda, Inc; 2002

Authors: Clàudia Aragon, Iga Drobnik, Aneley Lampugnani, Ares Subirà.

  1. Life says:

    Heyyy! Really interesting 🙂 I’ll take care from now on…

  2. Eylone says:

    That’s right! We don’t need to talk, we don’t need to meet. We only need facebook – it’s enough to know everything! And (what’s the worst) I take part in it….
    P.S. Kisses for my sis, Iga! :*

  3. Spirit Crusher says:

    The situation is not easy 🙂 Protect the freedom;)

  4. Saverio says:

    everybody should be conscious about the destiny of the personal informations they give online and how this information can be legally/ illegally used.
    we must be carefull.

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