“Are you for or against social media restrictions?”

Posted: February 9, 2012 in citizenship, politics
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The power of social media is becoming more and more obvious. In the Middle East the phenomenon “Twitter Revolution” is spreading, which now results in revolutions against the government. Social media is being used as a weapon against the authorities who are now trying to restrict its range or even shut it down in order to prevent activists from planning a revolt.

Twitter Revolutiontwitter-revolution-tunisia-strongman-ruling-leader-12629386 ABC News

Read the article on the Tunesian Twitter Revolution here

Most people would agree that using social media for revolution is a good thing and that government restrictions are bad.

However, social media sites can also be used for harmful purposes. Fx. supporting terror organizations, nazi movements or simply bullying certain people online.

This is a case of social media having negative dramatic consequences.

Read the full article about the Facebook bully victim here

So the question is: Should there be restrictions for social media interaction?


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