Ever wondered what the food was like at that Indian place you always pass, but never dared to enter? Ever been curious about city exploration but have been too lazy to actually get out there? Well, the opportunity has presented itself in the form of augmented reality for various digital devices.

As exciting as these new possibilities seem, there is the danger of voyeurism, as augmented reality allows applications to share unprecedented insight into areas, products, people and business. The gap between digital and “real” life is becoming more diluted as augmented reality increasingly impacts our concepts of space, time and experience through various applications for digital devices.




  1. Aneley says:

    I really believe that this is one of the most useful tools we have nowadays, but I don’t think that this augmented reality should be a supplant of the “true reality”. This, as many other new media, can work for us, providing additional information to us, but I hope we will never “live” inside of these unreal universes. We cannot forget that we have a world -a real one- and I personally think is much more exciting than the one we create in the net…

  2. I no longer have to leave the house 🙂 amazing!

  3. Justine says:

    Perhaps I will do the tour of the world with my computer !

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